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Selecting a product

In order to make a purchase you should select a desired item from certain section. After detailed view of a product and choice of an appropriate size, you should press icon " Add to cart". Chosen product will be automatically transferred to shopping basket. You may continue your shopping by adding more items to the basket. After adding each new item to your shopping basket, total amount will be adjusted. You may remove particular product from your shopping basket at any time by pressing "Delete" icon next to it.

Paying for a purchase

1. When you have selected and added all desired products, you should go to your shopping basket and click on icon "CHECKOUT". Please revise your order carefully. After you should press an icon "CHECKOUT". 

​2. In the form given below you should fill in all the required spaces and after click an icon "PLACE ORDER".

3. After picking a payment and shipping method , total sum including shipping costs will be calculated.

4. You may leave some additional instructions concerning your purchase, which will be taken into account.

We wish you an enjoyable shopping!